Mostly large format oil on canvas works. Many of these visual spaces are inhabited by groups, or individuals in a dialogue which originates outside of the frame, in a cinematic sense, where the still image refers to a larger narrative, happening around, before and after the image itself, creating perhaps a mystical sense of separation and disconnect.


Recent recurrent themes: places of childhood, revised and revisited, with elements of Eastern faith: where a sort of spiritual “cleaning” is set in the context of water related environments. Then there is the absolute opposite space: the dessert, the apparently barren, where the sense of being in that space seems to question the sustenance and purpose of the inhabitants of that place.


When more actors populate the space, an uncomfortable narrative occurs, where a relationship needs to be established, where a hierarchy is suggested, where these people meet, temporarily, in this segment of time and space, not belonging to one another of the time and space they are given.